The Importance of Office Interior Design

“A workplace that doesn’t support the work to be done, even if it’s a smaller one, is still a waste of space”

Business Owners, or Corporate Executives frequently see the Location and Rental as the most important factor when considering their offices. Office Interior Design is often seen as a “luxury” to have for their business. Let us tell you why overlooking the ID aspect of moving into a new office may cost you even more than you think.

Studies have been conducted in a wide range of industries, including Electronics, Petroleum, Business Services, Chemicals/Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Banking and Insurance to show that:

  • 77% of the time, Private Offices are unoccupied
  • 60% of the time, Workstations/Desks are not occupied
  • Conference Room seating are rarely used to full capacity
  • Are you optimizing your office space well? Are you paying too much rental for what your organization actually needs?

    The data demonstrates a shift in work culture as mobility becomes more prominent, people prefer to work in more “social” environments, meeting spaces are becoming smaller, technology in workspaces are more commonly employed.

    With almost half of every workplace empty, the time has come to focus on People, whom we can create a more conducive environment that enhances performance and well being.

    Our Interior Design Process to Cultivate a more Productive Office for your Organization

    S.U.A, in short for, Space Utilization Analyst, is Malaysia’s Longest-Standing Independent Interior Design Brand that has been building Offices since 1989. We work closely with SMEs to Enterprises to not just design aesthetically pleasing office space. We also dive deep into analysing your Organizational Structure, Culture, and Workforce to breakdown into quantitative data how your office can be further optimized to meet your Organizational Goals.

    Every office design has to be different and suited to the company’s style of work.
    This is why our office interior design and office renovation services aim to meet
    your requirements by using a very special set of guidelines. We want to help you
    create YOUR dream, not ours, which is why these guidelines that we have created
    focus on development and making sure that your office renovation requirements are
    met and many more.

    Stage 1 - Project Requirements.

    It all begins with the project requirements. It starts with understanding your needs
    and what you hope to achieve at the end of the project. That can include the nature
    of your business and your lifestyle preferences. That is followed by a site visit to take
    measurements. Other issues we will also explore include Budget, Schedule, HR
    Policies, CSR Needs, Feng Shui Requirements.

    Stage 2 - Space Analyzing

    The next phase starts with our experienced analysts analyzing the space. That
    ensures we can prepare an optimized layout for your space, combining the concept
    of functionality and human-space interaction. Other than this, there are many other
    factors that we take into account. Some factors include the size of workstations and
    or rooms, the flow of human traffic and movement concerns like accessibility and
    building safety requirements.

    Stage 3 - Design & Develop

    After phase 2, we begin designing and developing. As one of the best office design
    and renovation providers, we apply a ‘whole team’ approach to design and create
    concepts and ideas. We start brainstorming and find out exactly how we can
    implement your goal in the office space that you provide us. We also prepare case
    studies and research to ensure we fully comprehend how we should go about

    Stage 4 - Checkpoint

    We believe that you should know what is going on at every point of the journey and
    that you should know what is and is not getting done. That is why, as a checkpoint
    on this path, we present a presentation to inform you of crucial facts like project
    timeline and management. That guarantees that you are in the know at every step.

    Stage 5 - Update & Refinement

    When given the green light, our team is hard at work as we start the development of
    an initial project program. We continually and frequently update and refine the plan
    to see that it is efficient, on-time and on-track of project milestones with cost-effective
    solutions without compromising on quality and design.

    Stage 6 - Procurement

    Phase 6 is all about procurement. Our experienced analysts recommend you
    suitable furniture, fixtures and equipment. We understand that not all businesses,
    especially starting small, can afford top-notch furniture, fixtures and equipment. That
    is the reason why we follow your lead and manage the entire procurement process
    based on the specifications that we both agree.

    Stage 7 - Finalize Details

    The construction phase is coming very soon. However, there is one last step that we
    both have to take before we start creating your goal. This phase revolves around
    finalising. You will first be taken on a guided tour by our interior design team, that is
    where we explain all the newly installed features and functions. If what we have
    shown you is approved and all is being understood, we enter the last and final

    Stage 8 - Construction

    Here is where construction takes place. Our project team will incessantly manage
    and keep track of everything that is being taken place. That ensures the progress
    made throughout the entire process is smooth and more importantly, seamless.
    Unlike others that leave you once the project is over, we take a step further to help
    you. The skilled team that you worked with and loved will always be available to you
    in any situation where you require maintenance or repair.

    See How Wen Can Help You Via Our 8 Steps Process





    S.U.A – Your One Stop Solution for Interior Design & Office Renovation in Malaysia

    But why choose us? Having tons of experience is the reason why you should choose
    us. Other than experience each person on our team has gained over the years, we
    as an award-winning Malaysia interior design firm have worked on countless projects
    spanning a wide range of sectors. We have worked on designing:

  • Corporate Offices
  • Banks
  • Medical and Wellness Centres
  • Showroom Gallery
  • Factories & Warehouses
  • Our broad range of projects ensures that when you choose us, we already have the
    knowledge and skills to help you. That is why we are your one-stop solution for office
    interior design and office renovation in Malaysia.

    Expertise also means another thing. That means that we understand what is good
    for your office space and what is not. Our expertise in office interior design ensures
    that we know these red alarms and how to stay away and avoid them. Lastly,
    expertise means we know that your office should begin with, the future in mind.
    Workspaces usually do not change every few years, that is why creating something
    that can last for a long time is one of our top priorities.

    So, check out the rest of the website, contact us and, we look forward to working
    with your business and turning your goal into a reality.