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Let’s face it. The most common problem for renovation in Malaysia is finding skilled and responsible contractors who can transform your ideas into reality. No one likes to go through the nuisance of making sure every part of the renovation is done right.

With that in mind, as an award-winning design and build contractor, we offer one-stop renovation services for offices and houses in Malaysia. We think that it is every designers’ duty to bring the project to a successful end, no matter if it is a renovation of an office room or the construction of an office building from the ground up. Every client and project should be treated responsibly, which is one of the reasons we offer design and build as a package.

Simply put, design and build allows every client to be at ease without any worries about getting your project delayed or finding contractors separately. This one-stop service dedicated to providing both construction and interior design is specially offered by us for everyone’s convenience in getting the work done. With our reputation for working with some of the biggest brands in Malaysia, we can ensure that your project will always be treated with respect and care at all times.

The art of interior design

Interior design is an interesting subject, some people agree that it is a necessary element for a building to be considered as complete and perfect, while others tend to overlook its full potential. A building without interior design is like planting a pine sapling in a small pot, it limits the space for creativity and prevents it from stretching to its full potential. This is why modern enterprises always hire professionals to enhance and embrace the inner side of their buildings.

How important is interior design

The interior design influences the sales and first impressions of your company. Whether it is an office space for meeting clients or an area for walk-in consumers, first impressions will always be a massive reason why people choose or not choose to bring sales to the business. In the competitive market, it is of vital importance to maintain and create good impressions about your business.

Secondly, it saves space, and by doing so one might save the cost of keeping the business going or even make a profit from it. By utilising space, we push everything to the maximum and bring the most out of what we already have. You do not need an extra office to expand your business, you just need to refine, rethink and redesign how your workflow and workforce is going to fill your present room.



Why change is necessary

Based on a study that has been conducted on a wide range of industries including electronics, petroleum, business services, chemicals, healthcare, manufacturing, banking and insurance, it was shown that private offices are unoccupied 77 percent of the time, workstations are not occupied 60 percent of the time and conference room seatings are rarely used to its full capacity.

With the results of the studies, we tried finding out how this phenomenon occurred and found out that with the advancement of technology, times are changing but most offices retain the same layout and workspace idea made decades ago. During those times digital technology is less used and mobility is less important, resulting in a room with less space for workers that require mobility and places for storing tools that can be accessed quickly. In order to solve this problem, we have gathered the best people to make strict rules and steps during the process of designing every single job.

These rules include having long-term usage and flexibility for your workspace, creating a future-proof design that can tackle whatever needs in the near future. With that said, we can also instil a sense of belonging and cultivate the company’s culture and brand identity while ensuring sustainable growth in profitability and productivity.


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The process of our work and methodology

We aim to create projects by using a very special set of guidelines created to maximize the development of projects to meet our client’s requirements. These guidelines consist of eight steps which focus on the development, making sure the requirements of our customers are met of office renovation and more.

Step 1 - Consultation
Our consultation process begins with a project briefing to understand all your requirements, the nature of your business and lifestyle preferences, followed by a site visit to take measurements. We ask you to provide the budget, schedule, HR policies, CSR needs, Feng Shui requirements and any other needs for your workspace during this phase.
Step 2 - Space Analyze
The second step would bring in the analysts who will be analysing the available space and prepare an optimized layout for the specific area, combining the concept of functionality and human-space interaction. The size and number of workstations, rooms, interdepartmental relationships, traffic flow, growth plans, accessibility concerns, and building safety requirements will be taken into account and deep consideration.
Step 3 - Project Initiation
Interior designers come into work at the third step, gathering teams of these artists whose main goal is to design conceptualization, involving multiple brainstorming sessions, research, team discussions, hand sketches and preparation of case studies using the intel given by the analyst. A presentation will then be given by our analysts during the fourth step who will compile and create your project proposal, including an overall space solution, budget, project timeline and management which will ultimately be presented to you.
Step 4 - Project Management
Project management helps us produce the finest results within the least amount of time given, we continually refine your plan to ensure efficient, on-time delivery of project milestones with cost-effective solutions without compromising quality or design, bringing us to the sixth step, procurement. We provide you with recommendations for furniture, fixtures, and equipment based on your agreed specifications.
Step 5 - Project Handover
The team will then bring you on a guided tour, showing you all the newly installed features and functions. Once approved, the official handover will be handed to you. The final step would be the start until the end of the construction period. This process is of utmost importance, requiring our project team to continuously manage and keep track of the progress of your projects, ensuring seamless and smooth progression.



Factors influencing Workspace Design

Utilizing space while keeping an elegant design is no easy job, even for an expert with a lifetime experience. Types of workspace activities will change one’s design drastically. To break it down into simple terms, there are four types of activities including concentration which focus on allowing one to have their own personal workspace, collaboration which allows people to work together on their jobs, communication for meetings with clients and partners as well as storage that works as resource areas or personal lockers.

Types of workforce which is closely related to workspace activities will also be a factor influencing workspace design, this factor includes residents, nomads, project teams and functional groups. Residents are people that have individual tasks and require focus, higher level of privacy, storage as well ready technology support. With that said, Nomads, as the name suggests, are people whose job is highly mobile and needs a place to set up quickly. Project Teams being the ones that require maximum flexibility as they may expand and contract in scale often and Functional Groups who are highly collaborative but have low mobility.

Accommodation settings including special areas such as nursing rooms, lockers or surau are often requested in specific companies, requiring special design made for each specific room’s purpose. All the while sticking to two codes, having creative design and utilizing space.

“The space we occupy directly influences our psychological well-being & creates performance, reflecting who we are and how we behave.” That is what we solemnly believe. As our name, Space Utilization Analyst suggests, we focus on making the best out of the space given. Being no stranger to this field, we use quantitative data accumulated through our years of practice to provide companies with evidence demonstrating not only how their current space is being used but what they might do to improve it.

Our team of interior designers and analysts are not just professionals, they are dedicated and devoted people who create more than just a space for work. They tailor each individual project according to your budget and requirements, but with the same skills and sheer will for the best results that is only achievable by a team of designers as dedicated as us.

Why S.U.A as your contactor?

Interior design might seem like a luxury, but in actual fact, it is a necessity for all corporates, big or small. Workspaces usually do not change every few years, that is why creating something that can last for a long time is one of our top priorities.

We understand what is good for your office space and what is not. We utilize and design with the hands of talented craftsmen and the heart of dedicated souls, we do not neglect any details and serve with exceptional and satisfying skills. We are S.U.A, creating an inspiring workspace, living space and office interior design that interacts with people. Check out the rest of the website and feel free to contact us, we look forward to working with your business and turning your goal into a reality.