Interior design becomes more and more important for most companies around the globe. The companies’ products and services are the fundamentals of its brand, but the corporate image has evolved from being a simple logo to represent a feeling to employees as do traditional retail brands to consumers. The interior design plays a significant role in keeping employees satisfied and their performance effective, therefore, as an award-winning interior design firm in Malaysia, we are here to help with your interior designing needs.






ANALYSIS Studying of client’s requirements for the given space
DESIGN Conceptualization, Mood Board, 3D Perspectives and Material Samples
DRAWINGS Technical / Construction Drawings for Appointed 3rd Party Vendors, and for the purpose of submission to local authorities
CONTRACT DOCUMENTATION Preparation of Bill of Quantity for budgetary allocation, Contract Administration for Tender Process
PROJECT MANAGEMENT Inspection, Supervision and Approval of Progress Claims by 3rd Party Vendor


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Our responsibilities covers a spectrum from Designing to Building the site

A preferred option usually, as we are able to have full control of site conditions to ensure absolute delivery of quality.


” The space we occupy directly influences our psychological well being & create performance,




Ed Mun
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Carol Lyn
Senior Designer

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Senior Designer

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Mary Kay



The importance of the office design

The digital revolution, the proliferation of online applications, and the increasingly prominent presence of Generation Y and Z on the labor market have changed the office processes and also the methods and nature of work. Multifunctional spaces have been created, mobility is feeling, homeliness is now not only an empty phrase anymore. It is a principle filled with content: in addition to focused work, collaboration and project-based activities have become more important than ever. We are no longer tied to a place, we work in groups, we share information, and the office had to respond to all these challenges.

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The new purpose of the well-designed and consciously created workplace is to optimize work processes, and to this end, to coordinate and create a healthy balance between the private life, work, and community activities. The companies’ awareness is a must-have not simply to increase the productivity and efficiency of the company but also to create the comfort and well-being of the employees – as maintaining the mental and physical health of the workforce is closely related to work efficiency.

There are many characteristics of employee-friendly workplaces, all of which are important links in the office environment, with many of them already scientifically researched and prepared. Important aspects such as healthy office furniture, customizability, design focusing to support the nature of the work, spaces for relaxation and recreation, natural lighting, adequate ventilation, environmentally conscious thinking, community building. In 2020, hygiene became the newest addition to this list.

Interior design

Part of our design and build solution in interior design, which supports companies to bring their ideas to life. Designing trendy, fresh office space is a joint effort by the clients’ team of facility managers, HR specialists, and managers, and, of course, our highly educated, experienced designers, who translate corporate dreams into reality.

While multinational companies view interior design as an important employee-retainer factor, many SMEs still

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A few trends to consider:

  • well-designed offices emit the values of the company (strength, dynamism, creativity, etc.)
  • a carefully planned office will decrease operational costs
  • employees will use office space with inspiring design, which will boost employee satisfaction
  • an effective design is not only about colors and lighting, but it also utilizes space and turns it into a zone of performance
  • moving into a new, trendy office always generates media interest, which also can be nurtured to serve the company’s interests

It is easy to see why it is worth having a great interior design in Malaysia.
Workplace equipment, the physical work environment, the requirements to perform the task, the personality of the workers, and the characteristics of the building as a whole determine the employees’ overall performance and stability. Various studies have shown that musculoskeletal disorders are caused by, among other things, increased workplace requirements, several hours of computer-based work, increased stress, and the lack of ergonomic features in the design of office buildings and workstations.

Inadequate ventilation and cooling can result in poorer health and reduced performance. Odors are also important factors when examining air quality, as the appearance of different smells in large offices can affect the employees’ health in addition to reducing stress.

According to laboratory tests, soothing scents help improve productivity, while invigorating scents help reduce workload. Among the environmental factors, inadequate design of the acoustic environment and high noise exposure have negative psychological effects, even when employees no longer notice the issue. The best solution is to create small scanner islands in the open office environment, separated by sound-absorbing screens.

S.U.A 7 phases of our interior design process

Phase #1 - Understanding Requirements

All our work starts with understanding what the client needs, so we need to talk. We meet with managers, employees, HR, department heads, and various other future users of the office. Many companies already have some sort of experience with their offices from the past, so we talk about the issues and advantages.

Phase #2 - Visiting The Site

No professional designer is capable of creating a practical and trendy office space that utilizes a space never seen before. Our Malaysia interior designers go out there and make notes, ask questions, and review plans.

Phase #3 - Analysing Space

Our expert analysts review the space to understand how it can be used in the best and most effective way. There are different points of views we need to take into consideration and create a consensus that effectively answers every stakeholder’s requirements.

Phase #4 - Designing

We dedicate a complete team of creative designers to bring their ideas to the table. The requirements are clear, and this is the time for the plans to reflect on the corporate and employer brands. Our best interior designers in Malaysia come up with the best solutions available, and as a result, our clients will get full-of-life renders of our concept arts. At this point, we already have an estimation in close relation to the concept.

Phase #5 - Planning The Construction

As the client gave green light to the concept, we will outline the construction plans. We need to carefully plan every corner, furniture, materials, and colors.

Phase #6 - Procurement

In this phase, we agree with the necessary suppliers to provide (many times uniquely manufacture) all the required furniture. We also procure the materials needed for construction. During the previous phases and especially in this one, our interior design firm host guided tours with the client’s stakeholders to ensure that everybody will be happy with the agreed plans.

Phase #7 - Construction

As soon as we have the right approvals in place, the construction can start, which is also an important element of our design and build solution process. Our skilled and highly experienced construction team will bring the previous ideas into life exactly as the client dreamed of it.

Our experience

S.U.A., or Space Utilization Analyst, is Malaysia’s longest-standing interior design studio, founded in 1989. We have decades of experience planning and building

  • Banks and Financial Institutes
  • Corporate Offices
  • Medical Centers and Wellness Spas
  • Showrooms
  • Industrial and Storage Halls, Factories