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139 branches get new look in 3 years – EONcap speeds up image makeover

Nanyang Siang Pau

139 branches get new look in 3 years – EONcap speeds up image makeover

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The EONcap started an image-makeover campaign with the “Quantum Leap” plan in year 2008 to reshape the image of its subsidiary, EON Bank, which is aimed at making the bank a “customers’ choice bank”.

EON Bank’s Head of Networking Distribution and Management, Looi Kok Soon, says the renovation of the EON Bank is one of the bank’s big projects.

He says the company plans to renovate and upgrade all the 139 branches across the country in 3 years.

Redecoration estimated at RM 180 million

“The whole project is estimated to cost a total of RM 180 million and will be finished in 2010. 30 branches have completed renovation including the company’s main branches in major cities,” says Looi during the interview with Nanyang Siang Pau.

For other branches, Looi says the renovation will be kicked off as well and the company has also planned to move some branches to a better location.

Asked why the project was undertaken and what would be the outcome upon its completion, Looi says that from the research undertaken with clients, the older EON Bank gives clients a desolate impression and lacks warmth. So they decided to change the look to give the clients a different feel.

Clients’ Misunderstanding of Old Image

The management of EON Bank hopes that the status of the bank in the market will be enhanced after the completion of the renovation in 2010. At the same time, the bank will also concentrate mainly on banking retail sales and to double its loan clientele.

Looi explains the previous image was too old-fashioned with people even thinking it was a bank that only provided car loan.

He says this project not only changes the look and environment but added that extra training will be given to staff to enhance their capabilities.

New design makes good use of space

Mr Ed Mun from Virtual Space Sdn Bhd (the designing company of the EON Bank renovation) says the new design of the bank emphasises on making good use of space, quality finishing and providing appropriate tools.

“The counters and the pillars in the bank are pre-cast; all the accessories can be disassembled and then regrouped, and can be easily carried away as well. This is the current most popular designing style.”

He explains the whole concept of the design is to make good of the space. There was much unused space previously and this time they allocated the space appropriately, making every space in the bank corresponding to the needs.

After renovation, 70% of EON Bank space is for client usage including automatic trading area, customers’ discussion section and the waiting area.

Ed Mun also explained that warm color approach where orange becomes a main concept.

Orange is not only a warm colour but full of energy, young and vigorous. Fruits also give people a fresh feeling.

Increase of automation facilities – saves a lot of labour cost

Looi pointed that the after the interior of the bank changed to orange, emphasising a lot of layout using pictures of fruits to bring freshness to the clients when they are inside the bank.

At the same time, the bank emphasises communication with the clients. Now, the bank’s manager office is shifted to ground floor for him to communicate with the clients directly.

During the outlet’s redecoration, they factored in an increase of facilities of automated banking for the clients.

“Before that, our ATM and other facilities were lagging behind those of other banks. This has changed as we already have 24 hours of auto service.”

Looi says, by increasing more facilities, banks can save a large number of trading cost because every deal done by machines are 50% less cost compared dealings done at the counters.

At the same time, he pointed out that by increasing these facilities, percentage of clients using the automated services is increasing.

He added, after refurbishment of the outlets, the quality of air was also given attention; they will use different types of air fresheners periodically to give freshness to clients like orange flavour, apple flavour and etc.

Looi was asked what is the response of clients towards the new image? Looi says response is good. “There are clients think that after redecoration, EON bank are comparable with international banks.”

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