About Us


“In 1989 the economy was very bad and finding a job was not easy, we started small knocking on fro door to door, me and my wife. She was in charge of admin while I was in charge of design and services.

In 1990 the economy picked up, interior design in Malaysia made a name for itself, and consumers were more interested in the interior design of spaces. There was a large demand for interior designers in KL, and at that time there were not many Interior designers in the whole city.

But as the years passed design became more popular and we set a path to make a name for ourselves. Design is very tangible; our job is to let our customers know how space can benefit them.” – ED MUN

Ed Mun started the Virtual Spaces at the age of 23 in 1989; Ed and his wife built the interior design company from a small rented room into a multinational interior designing firm that has done projects in Malaysia, Singapore and China.

Why S.U.A?

Our design and project teams adopt a flexible and adaptable approach in handling each and every project which is tailored to respond to the specific need of each particular project and we work together closely hand in hand with our clientele to deliver the project.

S.U.A is the pioneer in space utilization analysis since 1989 and unfolds the theory of eastern & western school of designs and we know the theory that can work ‘BEST’ for your organization.

S.U.A. flexible in budget but never compromised quality, we deliver NOT just another project but another “TRADEMARK”

We aim to create projects by using a very special set of guidelines created to maximize the development of projects to meet our client’s requirements. These guidelines focus on the development; making sure the requirements of our customers are met of office renovation and more.

10 Golden guidelines for design development

  • The Background
  • The System
  • The Power
  • The People
  • The Proximity
  • The Flow
  • The Tool
  • The Place
  • The Security
  • The Ambiance

With these steps we follow, you understand better the sequence of development and the stages we go through to achieve efficient projects. These development stages help us bring forth a product that lives up to the needs of our customers whether culturally, living, location or place. These stages bring us closer to highlighting the importance of development in each design.


  • Design consultancy
  • Design & build contract
  • Project Management
  • Interior design and planning